Here’s our last week for Grade 2!

It seems that summer is almost upon us and Grade 2 is nearing the finish line. I am sad to see all these little faces go, however, I will have them back the first day of school to hear of their adventures.

This week holds a few events and a short final day on Thursday. Check out the week below:

Monday– Our last regular day without anything unusual. Please send back anymore books you find- I have one called Food Chains that is still missing from the resource centre. EEK! Please send it in if you find it as I’m pretty sure someone took it in their home reading bag, we have scoured the classroom and library.

Tuesday– Our year end celebration thanks to our Everything Shuswap Grant. We will be going to Larch Hills with Ms. Corbett’s Class.  We will hike, have a snack and view the signs of summer. We will then go back to the chalet area and have our lunches. After lunch we will divide into three groups to do 3 stations. Lana will be doing one on indigenous plants, Molly will be reviewing animal tracks, send the students looking for animal tracks and play a game, Ms. Corbett and Ms. Meerza will be reading a book and doing a nature scavenger hunt. It will be an amazing comparison of what we saw in the winter as well. Please bring: a backpack, a large water, a healthy lunch with pocket snacks ) granola bards, dried fruit and nuts), a hat, sunscreen, bug spray, running shoes, and a light jacket or long sleeve shirt for bugs. We leave at 8:30 so please arrive a bit before the bell. Thanks!

Wednesday– We will be organizing our class, cleaning out our desks and such. Please send a large cloth bag for your child to gather his/her things to take home. Usually it doesn’t all fit in their backpack. This will be a tough day for some as they realize it’s ending and they are unsure what will happen in September. I reassure them that I will see them again the first day!

Thursday– This is our last day with students in the school. We will have a farewell assembly for the Grade 5 students starting at 8:30 followed by the slideshow. We will go back to class and do a sharing circle about their favourite memory then I will hand out report cards and gifts for the students. Dismissal is 10:05… please be sure you arrange early pick up.

Please focus on the positive steps your child has made this year when you talk to your child about his/her report. Some students have had great success over the year, however, they are not quite meeting the minimal expectations which can be frustrating.   Keep reading all summer and writing little books as well. Just doing a little everyday creates more success than a lot once in awhile. Playing cards games is a fun way to practice math as well.

Have a wonderful summer making memories with your child. I have written you a note and it will be in the report envelope.   If your child will not be back at Hillcrest in the fall please be sure to tell Mr. Ritchie before you go on holidays as he is staffing and organizing classes. Thanks for supporting our outdoor activities throughout the year. Your efforts to be sure they are prepared made it so much easier.

June 18-22, 2018

Wow I hope you had time to enjoy the sunshine this weekend. It seems that the heat has arrived!

Here are a few things that we have happening this week:

Monday– Please return any straggling books from the library and our classroom (I still need a few more).

Tuesday– We are walking down the Turner Creek Trail to pick up garbage and view the summer changes (if you want to walk along let me know). We will stop along the way to enjoy various locations and to view the water flowing down to the lake. We will then play at Fletcher Park taking a bus back at 11:30. Please wear your bathing suit under your clothes if you want to get wet.   Remember: a water bottle, a snack, a towel, a hat, sunscreen (already applied) bathing suit under clothes, and a backpack to carry it in. We will eat lunch when we get back to school.

We will watch the Battle of the Bands in the afternoon!

Wednesday– It is our school Fun Day. Student will be outside form 8:30-11:50, be prepared to run and be active outside. Team info will be sent home Monday if you want to dress up. It is also Pizza Day- thanks to the PAC for organizing this!

Thursday– We will be doing a recreational swim not lessons. We will swim from 10:30-11:30 ish with some other grade 2 and 3’s.

Friday– We will be celebrating National Aboriginal Day with a storyteller visit. After lunch we will make our own talking feather by wrapping fabric and suede cord around a feather then adding beads. This will be the last activity from the grant I received that also took us to Splatsin Centre and paid for our soap carver. I hope your child has enjoyed learning a bit more about Secwepemc culture.

Phew, it seems the past month has been pretty crammed with events. Thank you for sending your child ready for our day and well rested- it helps things go smoothly. We only have part of next week before summer arrives!

Report Cards will be going home next week. Please keep in mind that your child is doing his/her best. The most noticeable change is the reading expectations- they now have to read a 24/28 to be fully meeting expectations and a 30 at the start of Grade 3.   As I said at the start of the year the expectations grow immensely throughout the year.  Be sure to focus on how hard he/she is trying and continue to read all summer.


June 11-15, 2018

Welcome to a cool and wet beginning of the week.    Thanks to those who have filled out the online permission click form for the Turner Creek Hike, I have received 13 so far.  For the rest please complete it as soon as possible.  Thank you. Follow this link to do so:

We will begin some little chemical change experiments this week.   We will make lemonade, adding baking soda to vinegar to blow up a balloon and making mini muffins on Friday.  If your child has food allergies, you may want to send a little snack for him/her Friday instead of the mini blueberry muffin.

In Health, we will be reviewing why you wear a helmet, private and public parts of your body (the private parts are covered by your swimsuit) as well as appropriate ways to avoid unsafe situation (stay in a group, tell your parent where you are going, and use sidewalks and crosswalks).

Here are a few other things that will be coming up this week:  

Monday and Tuesday will be regular days in our classroom and on our school ground


Book Day as well as our last library day- please return all books today!  Check in your bookshelf, under the couch, the bed etc.  I have many home reading book missing that I would love to get back and some students will need to pay for lost books if they are not returned.


Swim Day #3, remember to wear your swimsuit and bring your towel and underwear in a bag.  I will be away and Ms. Bird will be in for me while I am at a planning meeting at the Board Office.


Ms. Corrie will be in for me while I write report cards.  I am very proud of how hard the students have worked this year.  Keep reading everyone and join the summer reading program at the public library, information was sent last week following our visit from Ardie.

*Next Tuesday we will have our walk down the Turner Creek Trail to finish at Fletcher Park.   We will also see the Intermediate Battle of the Bands Competition after lunch.

We are approaching the end of the year and you may be noticing some unusual behaviour with your child.  Children often have difficulty at the end as it means change is coming and for some the uncertainly of a new teacher is worrisome.  I like to remind them that we will be together the first day back and I can hear about their adventures.  I do not have any answers about palcement for next year so all we can do is reassure them that it will be ok.  If you are moving please be sure that the office knows you are moving.  Thanks!

Happy Father’s Day to all of the amazing dad’s and father figures that support these lovely children.


June 4- 8, 2018

Hello all!

Here’s hoping that you had a weekend of great memories and relaxing. Thanks again for your support last week- we had so many things that just ended up close together creating a super busy week. This week will be less demanding.

Monday– Lloyd Ondang (Max’s dad) is bring the ambulance to show us, we will also do a force and motion lesson with our little buddies creating paper airplanes with balloon motors

Wednesday– Book Day- please return all books including class books and library books. We have only 2 library days left- try to be sure you have all overdue books returned.

Thursday– We will have our second swimming lesson. The students were well prepared last week and the lessons went well. Thanks for having them arrive with their suit on ready to go!

Friday– We will be going to the Dairy Farm for a few hours in the morning. We leave at 8:30 and will be back around 10:30. I am interested to see this as I have my own preconceptions about how they are treated and my colleague said it is like the cow spa!   When we return to school, Ardie is coming Friday to tell us about the Summer Reading Program at the Public Library. She does a fantastic job encouraging reading and I’d encourage all students to join this.

We are starting a new unit in Science on Physical and Chemical changes that matter can go through. We will be doing some experiments, however, I always tell students to have a parent help or supervise at home.

Have a great week enjoying your great kids! Thanks again for sharing them with me. By the way, if you are moving or will not be at Hillcrest in the fall please be sure that you tell me as I will be placing students soon for Grade 3. We consider the whole child- academics, social, and emotional needs.

May 28- June 1, 2018


Hello and welcome to bike to school week! It will also be our busiest week yet so hold onto your seat.

Monday– we will be learning about indigenous plants from Lana and carving soap with John Sayers.   He is the person that carved the pieces on our outdoor classroom.  After recess we are taking our little buddies on a short hike to collect pet rocks. Be sure to wear running shoes!

Tuesday– We will be walking to the Memorial trail at 10:10 to help take care of the trail.   While there we will be trimming branches and picking up garbage. Bring garden gloves and walking shoes please as well as weather appropriate clothing, a hat, and sunscreen applied. It feels great to help our community! Bring library books Tuesday- I am trying to trade as we will miss library tomorrow.

Wednesday- We will be taking a bus to Kingfisher to release our salmon into the river. Our bus leaves at 8:30 so please be on time with all of your gear and ready to go.   Bring: a big healthy lunch, a large water bottle, a hat, layers of clothing, a light jacket, wear sunscreen, bring bug spray if you are allowed and we can use it as needed. We will be near the river so please review water safety at home as well.   We will return by the bell at 2:05.  Thank you!

Thursday– this will be our first swimming lesson. All students should wear their bathing suit under their clothes and bring a towel and underwear in a labeled bag (goggles and a hair brush are optional). Wear clothing that is easy to put on by yourself when you are damp! We have been asked to change swim times so our class will be in the pool from 9:45- 10:30.

Friday- the time has come for our Pen Pals to visit Hillcrest. We will read a story and them do a Venn Diagram comparing ourselves with our Pen Pal, enjoy recess together, then take them on a hike nearby while nature journalling. We will play a few math games and after lunch we will be doing our sharing circle in the outdoor classroom.

Thanks for your help in preparing your child this week. Basically wear runners every day except Thursday, that day you could wear sandals or flip flops for swimming!

Next week is less busy with just swimming to prepare for.  Ardie (from the Okanagan Regional Library) comes next week to talk about the summer reading program as well, I’d recommend that everyone join it!

May 21-25, 2018

Happy May Long Weekend to Everyone!

Today was a beautiful day and I hope that you had time to enjoy making memories with your family.

A special welcome to Luka and her family, we are enjoying your company!

Tomorrow is Tuesday and we are on a field trip to meet our Pen Pals at Ranchero leaving at 9:30. I am expecting the following drivers to meet in our class no later than 9:20, you may gather extra booster seats in the Multi Purpose Room by the red gate as needed-

Christine Ondang- 4 boosters

Morgan Wilson- 3 boosters and paperwork

Sarah Dickenson- 4 boosters

Kristy Cruikshank- 4 boosters

Brea Naylor- 3 boosters

Ms. Meerza- 4 boosters

If for some reason you cannot drive please let me know ASAP.  We have JUST enough seats.

Please come back to pick up the students for 1:00. Thank you so very much! Ranchero Elementary is the left turn off of the highway at Mellors Store then your second right on Ranchero. You can find it on Google Maps as well.

Wednesday– Book Day- please return all library and class books for new ones

Thursday– we will be walking to the New Cemetery Area with Mr. Corbett’s class. We will hike and do a few stations. Wear running shoes and weather appropriate clothing.  Thank you!

Friday– We will enjoy learning together at Hillcrest including our class meeting.

Next week we will start swimming lesson- be sure you are ready with your suit every Thursday under your clothes and your underwear and a towel in a bag. Sandals or flip flops make changing so much faster!  This is a part of our Gym program so please be prepared to participate.

Enjoy the week and stay cool!

T. Meerza

May 14-18, 2018

The weather is sure heating up- please be sure that your child has sunscreen applied before school, a hat, and lots of water each day as they go outside for recess, lunch and often another game or activity as well. This week we will have a new student joining us- her name is Luka and she is coming from Vernon. We are excited to meet her Wednesday.

Monday– class pictures

Tuesday– Splatsin Centre Field Trip- Bus leaves at 8:30, be on time and prepared with running shoes, a hat, sunscreen applied, layers of clothing, and a big lunch in a backpack. Be respectful of leaders, nature and the fire.

Wednesday– Book Day, Luka’s first day, and a walk to the nursery to get plants for our buddy pot at the front door, Character Dress up for leadership

Thursday– Class Walkabout on a nearby trail

Friday– Hot lunch Orders due online,  ProD Day, I will be doing 2 workshops- Growing up Wild and Get Outdoors. I am excited to see and learn some new ideas!

Just a reminder there is no school Monday– I will see you next Tuesday, May 22 which is our field trip to Ranchero! I still have 9 permission slip clicks missing (remember to do it online and I still need more drivers, let me know if you can help drive, you can drop us off and pick up at the end, you don’t have to stay).

Have a great long weekend, be safe and enjoy making memories!

May 7-11, 2018


Here is a quick idea of what is happening next week.

There is a final Cross Country Run at Little Mountain May 10th.  Check your form for details on times and such.  Our new Word Wall words are: sometimes, right and ride.

Next week we will be learning about counting money.  We will start with dimes and nickels then expand to dollars as well.  It’s fun to play with coins at home counting collections and finding various ways to make the same amount.  How many ways can you make 45 cents?

We will continue working on our research project.  I am very proud of how hard they have been working collecting facts, recording them and then sorting them into headings.  Next week we will collect a few more facts, discuss a bibliography and the importance of giving authors credit, I will challenge some to write their facts into sentences.

We will be finishing our study about friction, gravity, force and motion. We will have balloon races Friday as a final friction activity.  It is a fun and meaningful way to see the effects of friction.

Monday– We will be making outdoor settings with animal toys with our Little Buddies.  We will take a picture, make a video and hopefully write one as well.  We have Cross Country running so please wear runners.

Tuesday– in the morning I am meeting with another teacher to develop a scope and sequence for Pen Pal Curriculum.  A TOC will be in our class until lunch time.  I will be back at lunch.

Wednesday- Book Day– return all books- library and school ones please

Thursday-The final race for Cross Country Runners- congratulations to Fynn, McKenzie, Ava, Brooklynn Matousek, Maya, and Peyton for representing our class.  Way to go!  Purchased flowers can be picked up today or Friday- stay tuned!

Enjoy the weekend!   Next week seems a bit less busy.  Remember to keep reading every day for 10-15 minutes!


Apr. 30- May 4, 2018

Apr. 30- May 4, 2018

Thanks to all of you for coming to the Student Led Interviews last week. The students were happy and proud to share their work. Please return the empty white folders so that we can collect more work in them. Thank you! The Book Order arrived and will go home Monday- thanks for supporting this as it helps us buy books for our classroom based on the points.

A special thanks as well for sending your children prepared for the Hummock Planting last Thursday. Most students had all of the supplies needed including sunscreen, water, a hat and boots. We were lucky it was sunny and not raining like last year. Thanks to Jacqueline, Sarah and Kristy for helping us throughout the stations. Your help was appreciated! We even had a surprise visit from the Lorax- he read us the story and then disappeared! Our writing and pictures are on the hall bulletin board.

This week we will be starting a Research Project in Writing.   Each child will choose an animal and learn to record facts from books and website. We will collect facts this week, record the sources we use and next week we will sort our facts into heading categories and finally we will learn to write them into sentences without copying the full sentences out of the books. It is a big project that will take a few weeks to complete!

Our Word Wall words this week are: went, pretty, friends and trip.

Tomorrow is a busy day so I wanted to update this before you were faced with surprises. I have 7 students that have signed up for Cross Country Running. Their first race is tomorrow- Mon., Apr. 30 at 10:40. Our whole class will go outside and cheer for those running, only the kids signed up will run in the race.   Wear proper clothing for the weather as we will be standing outside for about an hour. We also have Lana coming to teach us about indigenous plants in the morning and a school assembly after lunch based on Robinson Crusoe from Axis Mime Theatre.

Tuesday we will be watching Ms. Morrison’s Reader’s Theatre presentation. We will also write to our Pen Pals and begin our Research Project with our Title Page.

Wednesday is Book Day- please return all books including library and class books. There is a Cross Country Run at Bastion for those in Running. They will miss our usual library but can get books after recess instead. Good Luck Racing!

Thursday we will have a visit from the Hometown Paralympic Champion Natalie Wilkie. She will share her experience at the Olympics and I am excited for the students to meet her. We will also be doing an animal collage art project. Please send in any old magazines that we can cut up for our collages. Thanks. Carnival bracelets are available for purchasing after school. The flower orders will be ready today or tomorrow as well.

Friday we will have our Class Meeting and work on our Research Projects in the Computer Room. The Hillcrest Carnival is tonight- come and enjoy! Thanks for all of the donations to our class gardening basket- it will be on the raffle table as well as 13 other ones. Come ready to have fun. If you can help run a game or station contact Andrea Roberts as per the Hillcrest Website.  As today is May 4th you can dress up in Star Wars clothing if you are interested- May the Forth Be With you!

Have a great week and I hope this helps you feel ready for our daily events.

April 23- 27, 2018

Happy Sunshine Everyone!

Wow, the weather has taken a turn and we are so happy to be learning outside today. Many students arrived with garden gloves and a great attitude- we clean up part of the school yard with our little buddies. After Gym we went back outside to get to know our Big Buddy for our Planting trip this Thursday. We enjoyed getting to know them and following the list of things to do.

This week is a busy one- here are a few reminders:

Monday- Acknowledging Earth Day.  Our new word wall words are: shook, with, school, and children.  Have fun practicing them at home. See if you can find other digraphs as well (sh, th, ch, and wh).

Tuesday- Practicing for our interviews day 2.  We will try again to introduce a guest to someone.  Please let your child introduce you to me if we haven’t met that often.  It’s great practice.

Wednesday- Home Reading Book Day, Student Led Interviews 1-4, please come to the computer room if you are in the 1-1:30 or 1:30-2 slot as we will be there and your child can bring you back to share the stuff he/she has collected to show. If your meeting is after school just come to the classroom. Thanks! The PAC flower orders are also due Wednesday- order online with your Hot Lunch login.

Thursday- Planting at the Hummocks on the Raven Trail- we will be outside from 8:30-11:40 so please wear weather appropriate clothing including rubber boots, a hat, sunglasses, a jacket, a water bottle and pocket snack. We will leave our backpacks at school so you can send an extra pair of clothing and runners for after we return and a big lunch to eat when we get back. Please apply sunscreen at home! I am very proud of this class for doing a stewardship project to help the animals and our community. We are giving back to our town and this is the youngest class going this year. You can do it!

We are having library on Thursday instead of Wednesday this week!

Friday- ProD Day. Our staff is doing a blanket exercise with an Indigenous leader as well as some technology. Enjoy your children for an extra day.

Next Monday is the Hillcrest Hustle so come ready to run on Monday!