Welcome to Division 9!

Hello and welcome to our classroom.

We have been working hard on setting up our routines, getting to know each other and our school.

We are using our Agenda each day. Thank you for signing it to show that you have read it with your child.  The hope it that it will help with communication between home and school as well as help with reminders.

I have sent home a few notices thus far- 1. Home Reading, 2. Library Note 3. The mixed note re: returning all books on Wednesdays, and the Chickadee note.  Please send those Chickadee notes back with a no checked if you do not want them we can earn some prizes anyhow.  Debbie also sent home 3 notes from the office.  Please be sure to return them so we have current phone numbers in case we need to get a hold of you for any reason.

Thank you to all families that have already paid their fees- $32 for supplies, $20 for activity fee and $7 for agenda for a total of $59.

Thanks as well for returning the walkabout permission slip.  I am still waiting for 6 more.  I will send a second copy home this week for those that have not returned the slip so we may get out walking about soon.

I look forward to meeting you this Wednesday at Meet the Teacher.   It starts at 5:30 where there is food available and it is a time for your child to show you our room and the school.  It is a very casual affair ending at 7.

You may use this blog to send positive comments or to ask general questions for all to see.  If you have a specific question that is more personal please do not use this email or call me separately.