Reminders for Sept. 19, 2017

Today is the fuel up day.  Please go to co-op if you need fuel as Hillcrest gets 10 cents per litre.

Tomorrow is BOOK DAY- please return library books and the Ziploc with class books.    Your child will bring 4 new books home to share with you.

A Hot Lunch Form went home today.   Ordering is optional and the forms are due this Fri. Sept. 22.

Good news- we have 8 students that have already paid their school fees- well done.  If you have not, please send in your payment as soon as you can in the Agenda or at the office.  If you cannot pay the $39 for fees right now please let the office know.   There is also an Activity Fee to cover swimming, cultural assemblies, etc. Thanks for your help!

Tomorrow night is Meet the Teacher.  I will be in the classroom from 5:30-7.  Please pop by so your child can introduce you and show you around.  You are welcome to come and go as you see works it is not a sit down session but a drop in.  Students receive pizza and water free, parents and guests pay $2- you can come and eat dinner here if that helps.    I hope to see many of you then!

Please read and sign the Agenda book everyday!  Thank you.

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  1. Hi. What is the latest we can get pizza? We won’t be able to get to school till 6:15-6:30pm.

    1. Sorry Christine I wasn’t home after school and just read this now. I don’t know your answer and hope you were in time for the food. It was nice to see you guys!

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