A Few Weekly Reminders

Hello!  It seems we have started this week at a fast pace.  Thus far we have finished our autobiographies and we had Individual Photos today.   Tomorrow is our book day.  Remember to return both the library books and the Ziploc with read aloud books.  The Treasure chest sheet is due next week as it records nightly reading and Sat.,Sept 30th will make 1 full chart.    I will send a new one home soon so you don’t miss recording Sunday.

We have been learning about Terry Fox and the difference between superheroes like batman and real life heroes like Terry Fox.  Each student has chosen their hero and will finish writing about them tomorrow.  Thursday our school is doing a Terry Fox Run at 1:00 pm so wear runners that day.  Students are often asked- who are you running for?  Many say Terry and some have family such as grandma, my aunt, etc.   I will be running for my dad who died of brain cancer and for those who may have a cure in the future.   Parents are welcome to join us run around the school field.  Donations are also being accepted for the Terry Fox Foundation.  All students will receive an apple courtesy of Hanna and Hanna Orchard when they are done.

Friday is Orange Shirt Day.  All students and staff are encouraged to wear orange in respect of our indigenous people.  The catch phrase that is being used is “Every Child Matters”.  We will be reading a book called Shi Shi Etko which is about a girl who was sent to residential school and her challenges there such as being removed from her family and her name being taken away with a number in its place.  We will then focus on our own names and who we are as people- food, traditions, family, language, etc..  If you have anything to add for your child’s project you may send a note in his/her agenda.

We will do our first walkabout this Friday.  Please come wearing comfortable walking shoes and layers of clothes that are suitable for the weather.  I will go over the expectations on these trips such as: stay with the group, be respectful of others property, and have fun learning.  All students need to show they can manage their own behaviour to be able to accompany us on these frequent trips.  Otherwise I need to require their own parent supervision for those who are not safe on outings.  We will be going at least once a week on a variety of trips.  I could use a parent helper to act as our tail ensuring that everyone is staying together.  Let me know if you can walk with us by writing a short note in your child’s Agenda Book.  I only need 1 parent and please do not bring preschoolers on this trip.

There are new guidelines form the district regarding parent helpers.  If you think you will be helping us either walking, driving, or in any way accompanying us you will need to get a criminal record check.  There is a procedure that you follow and after the steps are completed the school refunds you the $25.  It is effective for 1 year.  If you think you will help us out this year as a parent it is a good idea to begin this process soon as it takes 2-3 weeks to complete.  In the end it is of no cost to you, just requires some forms and time to deal with it.  I will send home info on that process soon.

I am sending home a permission slip tomorrow for the Adams River Salmon Run at Roderick Haig Brown Park and we will be taking a bus with Ms. Corbett’s Class..  Parents will be traveling on a bus and will be accompanied by a teacher so I believe this trip does not need the criminal record check.

Next week we will start Star of the Week.  Each child is designated a special week where they bring a poster, teach a gym game, return the teddies, bring a guest and lead the class meeting. It’s a great way to build relationships and confidence in kids.  Karys is first starting next week.  I try to send the package home a week early so you have time to colour it, find pictures and things that represent your child.

Thanks for reading this and for signing the agenda everyday.  This way I know you are informed… together we can make a difference.