Adams River Tomorrow

I hope you have had a terrific weekend relaxing with your family and friends.

Remember we are enjoying the Adams River area tomorrow at Roderick Haig Brown Park.  They are calling for showers so please be sure to send layered clothing- t-shirt, fleece sweater, and rain jacket, as well as a hat, thin gloves, running shoes with extra socks, a large healthy lunch and large water.  Hats are preferred to umbrella for many reasons.

I have arranged for a lady to make us bannock for our first snack and I will bring apple cider as a warm treat to serve at lunch.  You may want to send a warm lunch in a thermos- soup, noodles, etc.

I went to check it out today and it is beautiful, however, near the water it is a bit chilly.  I saw many sockeye salmon already arriving which was surprising as I was expecting the Chinook salmon still.

Anyhow, thanks for preparing your child so that he/she will be warm and comfortable all day.  I look forward to the station arranged by Lana (traditional games) and the one by Gerry (incorporating traditional fishing and preparing of salmon).  Ms. Corbett and I will take the kids on a hike for 1 hour and then they will switch stations.  A special thanks to the parents donating their time to help us tomorrow.

I’ll see you bright and early at our class door at 8:10!