Allen Brookes Nature Centre, Food Orders and Earthquake Drill

Just a few reminders for the week here:

Please return the turquoise permission slip by tomorrow for the Allen Brookes Nature Centre along with your $3.

Book exchange is Wednesday please return all class books and library books for a fresh new set.

We are having an Earthquake Drill this Thursday so we will practice Wednesday.  I am just letting you know in case there are some students talking about earthquakes and you were wondering where that idea came from.

A special  thank  you to all of the parents that have already paid their fees- your prompt payment is appreciated.

Please help your child dress in layers for the weather as we do go outside during the week for learning as well as for recess and lunch.  I’d suggest a jacket, hat, thin mitts or gloves and a sweater over a t shirt.  Tomorrow Lana our Indigenous teacher is coming to play hooks and ladders with us outside after recess reenacting the salmons trip back to the river to spawn.

We are continuing with our Words Their Way program as well as reviewing sight words.  This week our 3 groups are changing to these sorts: 1. th and wh words, short and long u words, and op, ot and og families.  We sort and work with these words each day gluing them into our books the following week as a review.

In Math we are moving on from patterning to numbers.  We are making, building, writing and comparing numbers.    We have played a game called Number Road that involves rolling a double dice and creating a 2 digit number then printing the number on the road.  You have to choose where the number goes between 10-100. I will send a copy home for you to play using cards from ace to 9, simply flip 2 cards and write the number taking turns until the road is full.

We created some ripped backgrounds for our Haida salmon that we coloured and hope to finish them up to hang in the hallway tomorrow.

The parent helper calendar is on our classroom coatroom door.  If you’d like to help with morning reading please sign up any day for 8:15.  Thanks.