Jan. 29- Feb. 2

This Week…

It seems this week will be busy but not quite like the last one.  A special thank you to Rob and Beth Savage for being our volunteer trail guides during our skiing sessions.  They were so helpful and kind!  Thanks also to Karin Huster for organizing it for us.

We continue to read daily, expect students to read every night for at least 10 minutes, listen to reading and read to others.  We will be creating some fiction stories  with characters, a setting and a problem and solution.  In Math, we will be reviewing out adding doubles and practicing how they help us with our subtraction facts.  For example- 4+4=8 so 8-4+4. You can practice these at home with a deck of cards 1-10- flip the card and double it.  In Socials, we will continue with our mapping using cardinal direction (N,S,W, and E) to navigate through a map.  We will also continue reading The 13th Story Treehouse and creating our own treehouses.

Please be sure your child brings appropriate winter clothing everyday including a hat, mitts or gloves, socks , a jacket and snowpants.  Dry socks great to have in the backpack as an emergency!

Monday- there is a PAC meeting at 6, all parents are welcome to give feedback and share ideas.  There will be 5 new words sent home in the Agenda to practice writing and spelling, they are from our word wall. I do not give them a test each week, instead we put them on the word wall as a reference to help with our daily writing.

Wednesday- Book Day, return all books for exchange.  Your child should bring home 2 new books in a ziploc every Wednesday.  I’ve noticed most students are increasing their reading level and seem very proud of their efforts- keep it up!  Whenever you have a few spare minutes… read!

Thursday- I’d like to take the kids on a short walkabout on our closest nature trail.  If you could come along around 10:10 please let me know.  Thanks.

Friday- This is our last skating day, the students have developed skills and perseverance through this activity.  I see skating as a Gym activity as well as a chance to learn life skills like perseverance and determination.  We practiced those things skiing as well.  This is also the Pirate Loppet Day which is optional for all students.  I will be going as the teacher rep but there will be a TOC in for me that day.