Feb. 5-9

Hello and a snowy start to the week!

This week we will be working with the words: kicked, didn’t, bug, junk and jump.  We wil practice spelling the words, use them to help spell other words and look at words that are similar such as contractions and words with the ed ending that sounds like a t.

We will continue writing our fiction stories, last week we started writing our own stories.  Ask your child who their characters, setting and problem are so far.  They will work to create a solution to the problem this week.  We are reading a few fairy tales and a few twisted tales that are different perspectives on traditional tales such as the Stinky Cheese Man instead of the Gingerbread Man.

In Math, we are still reviewing our doubles and the inverse facts- 8+8=16 then 16-8=?  We will play some games with doubles and doubling the double.  We will also practice finding doubles in larger questions and then review making friendly numbers.  We will be  practicing our near doubles.

We will be doing 2 Science Snow Stations on Friday from 10:15-11:15 with some students from SMS.  I need 1 parent helper to be there to help supervise students during this hour.  It will only be 1/2 my class and I will be with the other group nearby.  Let me know if you think you could help with this.  Thanks.

Remember next week we have Valentines Day and our Heart Healthy Celebration that day.  I am encouraging small note cards to each child but it is optional.  As we are celebrating our heart please send only healthy snacks such as fruit, vegetalbes, cheese, etc.  The class list was sent home last week to help get your cards ready.

Keep reading every night, I am excited with the progress some students are showing and so are they!  It’s evident when they are practicting regularly.  I am not only seeing increased confidence and reading levels but improvments in fluency and decoding new words.  Keep up the great work!

In Art, we will be making some hearts in the style of Kandinsky for our Pen Pals, doing a penguin drawing from Art Hub with our Buddies and finishing our wooden snowflakes in the hallway.  You may want to try Art Hub at home, it has easy to follow drawing with a variety of ideas just google Art Hub.

Have a great week and please help your child arrive ready with his/her hat, mitts, snow pants, boots and jacket everyday. We do go outside to learn throughout the week even on our school grounds. Thanks!

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