Feb. 19-23, 2018

A happy snowy weekend to everyone!  Remember to bring socks, mitts, a hat and all other winter wear daily.

Here are a few things to keep in mind this week:

SYSA Soccer Lesson on Tuesday– wear appropriate gym clothes

Book Day Wednesday.- return all books for new ones please

Aiza and Abby’s Book Character and TV Character Dress up Day is Thursday

Hot Lunch orders  are due Thurs.- Sushi this time yummy!

Friday– Pro-D, students do not attend.  I will be doing a session on Google Docs and computer related learning.

Our words this week are: other, brother, sister, that and then

We will continue writing our Folk and Fairy Tale stories adding details to make them more interesting.

In Reading we have taken home our Readers Theatre Scripts to practice the yellow parts.  We will practice this week together working on expression and fluency. so please return the paper daily  You can help your child by reading the other parts so your child can just focus on his/her reading.  We hope to perform these plays for the kindergartens once we have practiced them for a few weeks.

We will be doing some lesson on healthy eating as a follow up to our Heart Healthy Valentines.  We will create our own Food Guide Page to bring home which can help with packing lunches and making meals.

To continue motivating students to write, I have set up 2 new centres- 1 is a drawing and comic centre where you can draw Elephant and Piggie from the Mo Willems books, the other new centre is the art centre where the students can create drawings, follow drawing in books, make books, cards, etc.

We will be finishing our mapping unit and moving onto a new unit next week.  It seems they have enjoyed learning about cardinal direction, making a key, creating symbols and using them to read the map.  Your child may want to create his/her own treasure map at home as well.