Feb. 26- Mar.2, 2018

This week we will be working with the same word wall words as we did not have enough time to do a very thorough job of them last week.

The school  Lost and Found is lining the halls and has many pairs of snowpants, mitts, etc.  Check it out if you’re missing anything before it goes to the Thrift Store.

Wednesday will be Pink Shirt Day. Students are encouraged to wear something pink to symbolize diversity and accepting differences.  We will be reading books and doing some lessons about how we are the same and different.  It is  also our usual Book Day Wednesday.  Please return library books and all Ziplocs for new books.

Friday will be our first Gymnastics lesson from 11:05-11:50.  The students are doing this as a part of our Gym class so all students are expected to participate in shorts or stretch pants, a t- shirt, no jewellry and hair tied up.  They will be wearing barefeet as well.  Our lessons are paid for in part by the PAC- thank you to them!  The lessons will be Mar. 2, 9 and 16 with the parent watch day the 16th.

In Math we are subtracting, building numbers, using strategies such as counting on and counting back.    This week we will do a quick review of basic facts for making 10, doubles and near doubles as some kids are forgetting these facts making larger operations tricky.  You can help at home by playing cards, flipping 1 card and doubling it or doubling it and adding 1.  You could  also flip 4 cards (numbers 1-10) and turn over 2 that make 10.  Have fun but practice 5-10 min a day.  8+8=16 so 16-8=____

The recent Book Order Arrived last week and a new set of Book Orders were sent home last week and they will be due this Friday.  If you want anything please return them so I can try to get them  here before the Spring Break time.

We will be doing a new challenge Wed. or Thurs trying to create a parachute for Jack to escape from the giant.  Please wait to try it out at home until after your child has had a chance to do it  at school.  We could use plastics bags, light paper, tissue, string, etc to create these items if you have any extras laying around.  They will also each need a lego character.  Please label the lego character if you send one to school.  Thank you.

Currently, there are some Pet Shop  issues happening at school.  The expectation is that all toys that come to school return home with the same students.  We are not trading, selling, or giving toys away as it creates issues.  Please help your child limit the toys he/she bring to 2-3 and check that they are returning things that belong to him/her.  We have also had an issue with Pokemon cards in the past, let’s be sure we keep our own things and only share at school but return things to the owners.  Thanks for your help!

Have a great week and thanks again for ensuring your child is wearing socks, snowpants, a jacket, mitts and a hat!

We will soon be making fairy doors as our next project.  If you have any branches that are 1-2cm in diameter please send them in so we can cut them into pieces that will fit around our doors (each child will need 2 pieces 15 cm long, 1 pieces 20 cm long and 1 piece 10 cm long.