Mar. 5-9, 2018


A special thank you to Christine and Max Ondang for bringing in traditional egg tarts to celebrate the end of Chinese New Year last Friday.  They were delicious and a nice treat .  Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Here’s a bit of an update for the week to help you.

We have done 3 performances with our Reader’s Theatre Scripts.  I am very proud of the students as they have practiced at school and home to show that they are reading more fluently and expressive.  The kindergarten and Grade 1 students have enjoyed hearing the stories.   The headbands made it interesting to watch- a job well done!

In Applied Design Skills and Technology we made parachutes for Jack to escape the giant, drew the plan, and made a materials list then built and tested our first one and timed it.  Students were then encouraged to alter their parachute to make it fall slower and test again.  This is where the real learning comes in- perseverance, the ability to have flexible thinking etc.    I sent home a small green paper last week to give you ideas on how to support this at home and ways to extend it if you are interested.

We are finishing up our fairy tale piggy back stories and doing our first partner edit.    We will move onto a different style of writing later this week.  We wrote a how to page to our Buddies and retold how we made our parachute using a First, Then, Next and Last framework.    Fynn delivered the letters and I sent along the parachute lesson hoping they will also try it out.

Our weekly word wall words are: there, their, they’re, want, and when.  Have fun writing, spelling and finding them in your reading books.

We have only a few events this week:

  1. Book Day is Wednesday– please return all books and renewals Wed. morning (we will not be doing Book Day during Spring Break but I can’t seem to get that reminder to turn off for those 2 days sorry)
  2. Beach Day is Thursday– Fynn and committee are doing a dress up day so students are encouraged to bring a towel, short, t- shirt, etc. with regular clothes over top.  They may bring a healthy snack to share but we will have regular lunches so just a small thing is great.
  3. Friday is our second gymnastics lesson.  Please bring shorts or stretch pants, a t- shirt and hair elastic for long hair.

Only 1 1/2 more weeks until Spring Break.  It’s a wet and icy time right now.  Snow clothes are not working that well but it seems we are still in that gear so you may want to send along an extra pair of mitts and socks.  The lost and found is still in the hallway, we’ve looked at it 2-3 times but if you have something missing stop by and check it out as the stuff will go to the thrift store soon.

This week Ava is our Student of the Week and next week our last student will be Noah.  I’ve enjoyed seeing each child in this leadership role and have appreciated your support at home building connections, confidence and friendships as they notice how they are the same and different with others.

The PAC sent home a note for your family to fill our for Debbie Harrison as her last day will be just before Spring Break. Please send in a picture, note, etc. on the flower sheet provided last week and it will be made into a book for her.  Thank you, we will miss her very much!

Enjoy the week and thank you for sending your child to school rested and with a nice healthy lunch and water.  Together we can make a difference!