Mar. 12-16 Events and Reminders

Mar. 12- 16 Review
A note went home today regarding the Simile Posters we are making. I will have things they can use at school but if your child has a special item he/she wants to use on the poster they can bring it by Wednesday. For example, a toy horn, a paper party hat, a bouncy ball, etc.
Talent Show
The school talent show is tomorrow. Not all students are performing only those selected. I know it is after lunch but the exact time is a bit unclear- it will be 12:45-1 ish ending around 2. If you have any more questions feel free to contact Mr. Roberts at
Wed- Book Day
We should be in a good routine of changing all reading books on Wednesday including Library books and Home Reading books. Taking books on your holiday is your choice, however, lost books will need to be paid for. If you are going away I’d recommend not taking your child’s library books along.
Friday- Debbie’s Last Day
As you are aware Debbie Harrison is retiring this Friday. We will miss her but are happy she will join Mr. Harrison adventuring into retirement. IF you haven’t returned your paper with a note and picture yet please do so by Wednesday as Carla is making it into a book. If you lost the paper just use a white paper.

Friday- Gymnastics watch day
Friday is our last Gymnastics class and parents are welcome to come and watch the lesson. We start at 10:45 and go until 11:15. Remember to send your child wearing stretch pants or shorts, a t-shirt and long hair tied up. Thanks to the Pac for sponsoring this great program and for Momentum Gymnastics for teaching the students.
Enjoy your Spring Break which starts this Saturday and lasts two weeks. Hopefully the sun will stick around and do some melting. I strongly believe in kids being active so get outside, ride your bike or play. Also, remember to read, write and play cards games regularly to keep the skills we have been working on! I’ll see you again April 3rd, Happy Easter everyone.