April 9-13, 2018


This week we have a few things that need to be returned.

  1. We have a Hot Lunch Order that is to be filled out online, payment may be done by Pay Pal or print the form and send the cash to school by Friday.
  2. A Book Order that is due on or before April 12th. You can also pay for that online and just send in the form so I know what you have ordered.
  3. The Student Led Interview sign up sheet was sent home last week. Please return it by Wed. Apr. 11.

We are learning about Force, Motion and Friction in Science.  The kids are having fun trying out experiments such as the straw and pompom one today.  Later in the week we will be making balloon blasters with a cup and a cut balloon.  Hopefully they bring these ideas home to try out as well.

Our Word Wall words are in the Agenda, however, if you’ve missed them they are as follows: I, nice, write and writing.  We are focussing on dropping the e and adding ing to verbs.  See if you can find some when you are reading and writing at home.

We are writing a book for our Little Buddies called Q is for Duck where we are making up some silly things like Q is for duck because a duck quacks.  We will each write at least 1 letter page and make a book for the kindergartens.  You may have fun creating some at home too.

In Math, we are going on to learn about measurement.  We will cover topics like length, money, mass, calendar, etc.

In Reading, we are focussing on reading good fit books and recalling what we are reading.  Today we recorded the 5 w’s- who, what, where, when, and why the book was written.  Some books are easier tor recall but we need to think about what we have learned after we read to develop and improve comprehension.

We have been invited to help with the Nature Bay Enhancement Project planting on the hummocks at the Raven Trail to help establish a more diverse habitat for reptiles and amphibians.  I will send more information once it’s settled but the trip will be Thurs. Apr. 26 from 8:30-12 ish.  Firm times will be sent once they are confirmed.  I need some parent helpers as they will be wearing rubber boots, shovelling holes and planting shrubs, trees, etc. as well as a few other stations.  At this point I am hoping to take a bus as it is a bit far to walk both ways.

Spring seems to get very busy- please remember o take time to read everyday with your child.  I can really see the difference with those who have regular practice and I see them excited to try new words.  Great job!  Remember to dress for the weather in layers, we are in for some cool weather and get this… sunshine!