April 16-20, 2018

What is going on this week?

Sorry this is a bit late this week.

We are working on Friction, Force and Motion in Science.  We will be making pop can bristle bots that move by vibration over various surfaces.  We will have them ready to show you next week.

In Math we continue to work on measurement.  This week we have been measuring string to show how long the animals are in our book called Actual Size.  You can see them in the hallway and some are very impressive.

In Reading, we continue to increase our stamina for reading.  We are trying to ensure the books are interesting and the right level.  Ask your child what he/she chose for new books today.

We are finishing up a few writing projects this week and hope to write a Spring acrostic poem.  We recently worked on a funny riddle book for Ms. Porters Kindergartens and this week we worked with our little buddy to make a new riddle.  Ask your child what he/she wrote.

In Gym, we are taking part in the regular cross country running held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Thanks for helping your child come with runners as it is so much easier to run without boots on.

Our new words this week are the question words: who, what, where, when, and why.  We have practiced writing a question mark and creating questions with those words.

Please check that you have returned the permission form for our trip to the Raven trail next Thursday.  I will send home a reminder as we need rubber boots that day and proper outdoor clothing.  We are helping be stewards of the land we work live and play on.  Great job everyone!

Just a reminder we are doing Student Led Interviews next week.  WE will be in the Computer room during that time if you chose a time during school.  You can come and get your child and do the Interview in our classroom.  If your interview time is after school, you may come back with your child to our classroom.  They are getting excited to show you their learning!

The PAC has organized gift baskets for a raffle.  Thank you to those people who have brought tings already.  Our theme is Gardening.  Please send in an item that is related to gardening- seeds, pots, gloves, etc. IT will be raffled off at the Spring carnival.

Next week includes Earth Day so we will be doing a garbage clean up on Monday.  Please send garden gloves for that.

Enjoy the sunshine I see peaking through and thank you for supporting our learning!