April 23- 27, 2018

Happy Sunshine Everyone!

Wow, the weather has taken a turn and we are so happy to be learning outside today. Many students arrived with garden gloves and a great attitude- we clean up part of the school yard with our little buddies. After Gym we went back outside to get to know our Big Buddy for our Planting trip this Thursday. We enjoyed getting to know them and following the list of things to do.

This week is a busy one- here are a few reminders:

Monday- Acknowledging Earth Day.  Our new word wall words are: shook, with, school, and children.  Have fun practicing them at home. See if you can find other digraphs as well (sh, th, ch, and wh).

Tuesday- Practicing for our interviews day 2.  We will try again to introduce a guest to someone.  Please let your child introduce you to me if we haven’t met that often.  It’s great practice.

Wednesday- Home Reading Book Day, Student Led Interviews 1-4, please come to the computer room if you are in the 1-1:30 or 1:30-2 slot as we will be there and your child can bring you back to share the stuff he/she has collected to show. If your meeting is after school just come to the classroom. Thanks! The PAC flower orders are also due Wednesday- order online with your Hot Lunch login.

Thursday- Planting at the Hummocks on the Raven Trail- we will be outside from 8:30-11:40 so please wear weather appropriate clothing including rubber boots, a hat, sunglasses, a jacket, a water bottle and pocket snack. We will leave our backpacks at school so you can send an extra pair of clothing and runners for after we return and a big lunch to eat when we get back. Please apply sunscreen at home! I am very proud of this class for doing a stewardship project to help the animals and our community. We are giving back to our town and this is the youngest class going this year. You can do it!

We are having library on Thursday instead of Wednesday this week!

Friday- ProD Day. Our staff is doing a blanket exercise with an Indigenous leader as well as some technology. Enjoy your children for an extra day.

Next Monday is the Hillcrest Hustle so come ready to run on Monday!