Apr. 30- May 4, 2018

Apr. 30- May 4, 2018

Thanks to all of you for coming to the Student Led Interviews last week. The students were happy and proud to share their work. Please return the empty white folders so that we can collect more work in them. Thank you! The Book Order arrived and will go home Monday- thanks for supporting this as it helps us buy books for our classroom based on the points.

A special thanks as well for sending your children prepared for the Hummock Planting last Thursday. Most students had all of the supplies needed including sunscreen, water, a hat and boots. We were lucky it was sunny and not raining like last year. Thanks to Jacqueline, Sarah and Kristy for helping us throughout the stations. Your help was appreciated! We even had a surprise visit from the Lorax- he read us the story and then disappeared! Our writing and pictures are on the hall bulletin board.

This week we will be starting a Research Project in Writing.   Each child will choose an animal and learn to record facts from books and website. We will collect facts this week, record the sources we use and next week we will sort our facts into heading categories and finally we will learn to write them into sentences without copying the full sentences out of the books. It is a big project that will take a few weeks to complete!

Our Word Wall words this week are: went, pretty, friends and trip.

Tomorrow is a busy day so I wanted to update this before you were faced with surprises. I have 7 students that have signed up for Cross Country Running. Their first race is tomorrow- Mon., Apr. 30 at 10:40. Our whole class will go outside and cheer for those running, only the kids signed up will run in the race.   Wear proper clothing for the weather as we will be standing outside for about an hour. We also have Lana coming to teach us about indigenous plants in the morning and a school assembly after lunch based on Robinson Crusoe from Axis Mime Theatre.

Tuesday we will be watching Ms. Morrison’s Reader’s Theatre presentation. We will also write to our Pen Pals and begin our Research Project with our Title Page.

Wednesday is Book Day- please return all books including library and class books. There is a Cross Country Run at Bastion for those in Running. They will miss our usual library but can get books after recess instead. Good Luck Racing!

Thursday we will have a visit from the Hometown Paralympic Champion Natalie Wilkie. She will share her experience at the Olympics and I am excited for the students to meet her. We will also be doing an animal collage art project. Please send in any old magazines that we can cut up for our collages. Thanks. Carnival bracelets are available for purchasing after school. The flower orders will be ready today or tomorrow as well.

Friday we will have our Class Meeting and work on our Research Projects in the Computer Room. The Hillcrest Carnival is tonight- come and enjoy! Thanks for all of the donations to our class gardening basket- it will be on the raffle table as well as 13 other ones. Come ready to have fun. If you can help run a game or station contact Andrea Roberts as per the Hillcrest Website.  As today is May 4th you can dress up in Star Wars clothing if you are interested- May the Forth Be With you!

Have a great week and I hope this helps you feel ready for our daily events.