May 7-11, 2018


Here is a quick idea of what is happening next week.

There is a final Cross Country Run at Little Mountain May 10th.  Check your form for details on times and such.  Our new Word Wall words are: sometimes, right and ride.

Next week we will be learning about counting money.  We will start with dimes and nickels then expand to dollars as well.  It’s fun to play with coins at home counting collections and finding various ways to make the same amount.  How many ways can you make 45 cents?

We will continue working on our research project.  I am very proud of how hard they have been working collecting facts, recording them and then sorting them into headings.  Next week we will collect a few more facts, discuss a bibliography and the importance of giving authors credit, I will challenge some to write their facts into sentences.

We will be finishing our study about friction, gravity, force and motion. We will have balloon races Friday as a final friction activity.  It is a fun and meaningful way to see the effects of friction.

Monday– We will be making outdoor settings with animal toys with our Little Buddies.  We will take a picture, make a video and hopefully write one as well.  We have Cross Country running so please wear runners.

Tuesday– in the morning I am meeting with another teacher to develop a scope and sequence for Pen Pal Curriculum.  A TOC will be in our class until lunch time.  I will be back at lunch.

Wednesday- Book Day– return all books- library and school ones please

Thursday-The final race for Cross Country Runners- congratulations to Fynn, McKenzie, Ava, Brooklynn Matousek, Maya, and Peyton for representing our class.  Way to go!  Purchased flowers can be picked up today or Friday- stay tuned!

Enjoy the weekend!   Next week seems a bit less busy.  Remember to keep reading every day for 10-15 minutes!