May 28- June 1, 2018


Hello and welcome to bike to school week! It will also be our busiest week yet so hold onto your seat.

Monday– we will be learning about indigenous plants from Lana and carving soap with John Sayers.   He is the person that carved the pieces on our outdoor classroom.  After recess we are taking our little buddies on a short hike to collect pet rocks. Be sure to wear running shoes!

Tuesday– We will be walking to the Memorial trail at 10:10 to help take care of the trail.   While there we will be trimming branches and picking up garbage. Bring garden gloves and walking shoes please as well as weather appropriate clothing, a hat, and sunscreen applied. It feels great to help our community! Bring library books Tuesday- I am trying to trade as we will miss library tomorrow.

Wednesday- We will be taking a bus to Kingfisher to release our salmon into the river. Our bus leaves at 8:30 so please be on time with all of your gear and ready to go.   Bring: a big healthy lunch, a large water bottle, a hat, layers of clothing, a light jacket, wear sunscreen, bring bug spray if you are allowed and we can use it as needed. We will be near the river so please review water safety at home as well.   We will return by the bell at 2:05.  Thank you!

Thursday– this will be our first swimming lesson. All students should wear their bathing suit under their clothes and bring a towel and underwear in a labeled bag (goggles and a hair brush are optional). Wear clothing that is easy to put on by yourself when you are damp! We have been asked to change swim times so our class will be in the pool from 9:45- 10:30.

Friday- the time has come for our Pen Pals to visit Hillcrest. We will read a story and them do a Venn Diagram comparing ourselves with our Pen Pal, enjoy recess together, then take them on a hike nearby while nature journalling. We will play a few math games and after lunch we will be doing our sharing circle in the outdoor classroom.

Thanks for your help in preparing your child this week. Basically wear runners every day except Thursday, that day you could wear sandals or flip flops for swimming!

Next week is less busy with just swimming to prepare for.  Ardie (from the Okanagan Regional Library) comes next week to talk about the summer reading program as well, I’d recommend that everyone join it!