June 4- 8, 2018

Hello all!

Here’s hoping that you had a weekend of great memories and relaxing. Thanks again for your support last week- we had so many things that just ended up close together creating a super busy week. This week will be less demanding.

Monday– Lloyd Ondang (Max’s dad) is bring the ambulance to show us, we will also do a force and motion lesson with our little buddies creating paper airplanes with balloon motors

Wednesday– Book Day- please return all books including class books and library books. We have only 2 library days left- try to be sure you have all overdue books returned.

Thursday– We will have our second swimming lesson. The students were well prepared last week and the lessons went well. Thanks for having them arrive with their suit on ready to go!

Friday– We will be going to the Dairy Farm for a few hours in the morning. We leave at 8:30 and will be back around 10:30. I am interested to see this as I have my own preconceptions about how they are treated and my colleague said it is like the cow spa!   When we return to school, Ardie is coming Friday to tell us about the Summer Reading Program at the Public Library. She does a fantastic job encouraging reading and I’d encourage all students to join this.

We are starting a new unit in Science on Physical and Chemical changes that matter can go through. We will be doing some experiments, however, I always tell students to have a parent help or supervise at home.

Have a great week enjoying your great kids! Thanks again for sharing them with me. By the way, if you are moving or will not be at Hillcrest in the fall please be sure that you tell me as I will be placing students soon for Grade 3. We consider the whole child- academics, social, and emotional needs.