June 18-22, 2018

Wow I hope you had time to enjoy the sunshine this weekend. It seems that the heat has arrived!

Here are a few things that we have happening this week:

Monday– Please return any straggling books from the library and our classroom (I still need a few more).

Tuesday– We are walking down the Turner Creek Trail to pick up garbage and view the summer changes (if you want to walk along let me know). We will stop along the way to enjoy various locations and to view the water flowing down to the lake. We will then play at Fletcher Park taking a bus back at 11:30. Please wear your bathing suit under your clothes if you want to get wet.   Remember: a water bottle, a snack, a towel, a hat, sunscreen (already applied) bathing suit under clothes, and a backpack to carry it in. We will eat lunch when we get back to school.

We will watch the Battle of the Bands in the afternoon!

Wednesday– It is our school Fun Day. Student will be outside form 8:30-11:50, be prepared to run and be active outside. Team info will be sent home Monday if you want to dress up. It is also Pizza Day- thanks to the PAC for organizing this!

Thursday– We will be doing a recreational swim not lessons. We will swim from 10:30-11:30 ish with some other grade 2 and 3’s.

Friday– We will be celebrating National Aboriginal Day with a storyteller visit. After lunch we will make our own talking feather by wrapping fabric and suede cord around a feather then adding beads. This will be the last activity from the grant I received that also took us to Splatsin Centre and paid for our soap carver. I hope your child has enjoyed learning a bit more about Secwepemc culture.

Phew, it seems the past month has been pretty crammed with events. Thank you for sending your child ready for our day and well rested- it helps things go smoothly. We only have part of next week before summer arrives!

Report Cards will be going home next week. Please keep in mind that your child is doing his/her best. The most noticeable change is the reading expectations- they now have to read a 24/28 to be fully meeting expectations and a 30 at the start of Grade 3.   As I said at the start of the year the expectations grow immensely throughout the year.  Be sure to focus on how hard he/she is trying and continue to read all summer.