Here’s our last week for Grade 2!

It seems that summer is almost upon us and Grade 2 is nearing the finish line. I am sad to see all these little faces go, however, I will have them back the first day of school to hear of their adventures.

This week holds a few events and a short final day on Thursday. Check out the week below:

Monday– Our last regular day without anything unusual. Please send back anymore books you find- I have one called Food Chains that is still missing from the resource centre. EEK! Please send it in if you find it as I’m pretty sure someone took it in their home reading bag, we have scoured the classroom and library.

Tuesday– Our year end celebration thanks to our Everything Shuswap Grant. We will be going to Larch Hills with Ms. Corbett’s Class.  We will hike, have a snack and view the signs of summer. We will then go back to the chalet area and have our lunches. After lunch we will divide into three groups to do 3 stations. Lana will be doing one on indigenous plants, Molly will be reviewing animal tracks, send the students looking for animal tracks and play a game, Ms. Corbett and Ms. Meerza will be reading a book and doing a nature scavenger hunt. It will be an amazing comparison of what we saw in the winter as well. Please bring: a backpack, a large water, a healthy lunch with pocket snacks ) granola bards, dried fruit and nuts), a hat, sunscreen, bug spray, running shoes, and a light jacket or long sleeve shirt for bugs. We leave at 8:30 so please arrive a bit before the bell. Thanks!

Wednesday– We will be organizing our class, cleaning out our desks and such. Please send a large cloth bag for your child to gather his/her things to take home. Usually it doesn’t all fit in their backpack. This will be a tough day for some as they realize it’s ending and they are unsure what will happen in September. I reassure them that I will see them again the first day!

Thursday– This is our last day with students in the school. We will have a farewell assembly for the Grade 5 students starting at 8:30 followed by the slideshow. We will go back to class and do a sharing circle about their favourite memory then I will hand out report cards and gifts for the students. Dismissal is 10:05… please be sure you arrange early pick up.

Please focus on the positive steps your child has made this year when you talk to your child about his/her report. Some students have had great success over the year, however, they are not quite meeting the minimal expectations which can be frustrating.   Keep reading all summer and writing little books as well. Just doing a little everyday creates more success than a lot once in awhile. Playing cards games is a fun way to practice math as well.

Have a wonderful summer making memories with your child. I have written you a note and it will be in the report envelope.   If your child will not be back at Hillcrest in the fall please be sure to tell Mr. Ritchie before you go on holidays as he is staffing and organizing classes. Thanks for supporting our outdoor activities throughout the year. Your efforts to be sure they are prepared made it so much easier.