Jan. 22-26 Unplug and Play Week

This week is Literacy Unplug and Play Week.  See the folder that was sent home for the variety of free events throughout our community.  Return just the front portion to enter for prizes in our office.  Good luck and enjoy being active!

Ms. Reed is doing a Bring a Book Take a Book table outside the library this week.  She is encouraging students to bring GUC books that they no longer need and trade for a book you’d like to read on the table.  At the end of the week all leftover books will be donated to the Jam the GM event to promote literacy throughout town.

Mon. Jan 22- snowshoeing, leave school 8:30 return 11:45.  Bring all winter clothing as per the list: hat, mitts, jacket, snowpants, neck warmer, winter boots, socks, pocket snack and a positive attitude.    Hopefully we will see some animal tracks while we are there.

Tues. Jan. 23- early dismissal 12:05 for all students.  Interviews start at 12:30, please enter through the hallway not the coatroom to reduce interruptions, there will be announcements to indicate the change of interviews.  There is not any room to alter time slots so please be on time or your meeting will be shorter than 15 minutes, it must end on time.  The schedule was sent home to confirm your time, bring your Grade 2 student with you as he/she is a part of this meeting.  If you miss your meeting I will send the papers home for you to fill in your portion, please return it ASAP.

Wed/ Jan. 24- Second and final cross country ski day.  Bring all winter clothing, water, lunch, etc.  It is our last day so we will also make a thank you card for Rob and Beth our trail host volunteers.  Drivers please meet in our class at 9:05.  This is also the second day of interviews.

Pirate Loppet forms due for those who want to attend with a parent on Fri. Feb. 2.  This is optional but I am the teacher volunteer so I will be going that day.  The extra students will have a TOC and go skating as per the plan.

Thurs. Jan. 25- Book Day– return all class books, library books for exchanging.

Fri. Jan. 26- Skating  bring: helmet, skates, gloves, jacket and snow pants.  Thanks for all of the help tying skates.  We will arrive around 10:15 if you’d like to help tie again.

This is a busy week and I appreciate your help in having your child ready, rested and willing to take part in all activities.  Thanks for your help!

Jan. 15-19 and a little more…

Happy Sunday Everyone!  It seems we have hit a busy season over the next month with 3 activities happening at the same time.  I am sure your children will enjoy the weeks ahead, sleep more and eat more!

Here I sit reflecting on our first week back and the weekend while looking forward to an eventful week ahead.  I try my best to help you be prepared and with a few schedule changes you are likely a tad confused.  Here is a bit of information in a nut shell (a large nutshell):

Monday– regular day, we will try to practice putting our boots into the ski bindings if Ms. Corbett leaves us a pair of skis as she is skiing this day.  Buddies will be outside so please bring snow gear including snow pants, hat, mitts and boot as well as a jacket.

Tuesday– regular day, review expectation in parent cars, washrooms at larch hills and basic etiquette on the track set trails.

Wednesday– music first block then our first ski day- bring- jacket, layers of clothing including long underwear, light fleece sweater, jacket, hat, mitts, buff, boots, big healthy lunch, pocket snack, water.  Sunglasses and sunscreen optional- you never know!  James Burgess and Cody Zupancic will help load the skis, poles etc. thanks so much!   I will need drivers to help unload at the ski hill and set things out from smallest to largest between the chalet and parking lot.  Our Ski hosts will be ready to guide us at 10 so we need to be organized.  The cocoa needs to be ready for 11 as well as the cookies and oranges I will provide, the rest is up to individual lunches.  We will then play a bit during lunch recess.  Following that I can take a group on another short ski, play some games and do some sliding.  We will need to load up all skis and boots once they are checked off so we are ready to go back to school without too much loading.  1:20- leave for Hillcrest.  Please stay to help unload the gear before leaving!  Thanks so much for preparing your child and for the many volunteers that are making this possible.

Thursday– Library and Book Day- bring all books to exchange, I hope to try the snowshoes this day so come dressed for the snow (snowpants are essential).  I could use parent help getting the snowshoes on- I can let you know the time once we have a signup sheet.

Friday– Our first skating day- bring skating things including skates, helmet, gloves or mitts, snowpants and jacket in a bag.  We skate from 10:15- 11:15.  Coaches are welcome on the ice, free skate is the last 10 minutes and I will try to go on then.  If anyone has time to help tie skates I could use help tying them around 10:10 and untying then at 11:15.  Thank you so much !  The lessons are fantastic with a real teacher and Gr. 5 helpers as well.  This is paid through your activity fee.

Mon. Jan. 22– snowshoe on the waterfront- parent drivers needed.  We will be back by lunch.  Let me know if you plan to help with this trip either by driving or snowshoeing as well.    I have some signed up already.  Thanks!

Interviews on Tues. Jan.23 instead of a second term report card.  Please be sure to sign up online or send in a note if you can’t sign up and I’ll try to do it for you. The meetings are 15 minutes long and your child will try to explain his/her goal and how he/she is trying to achieve it.  As a team we will come up with things we can do to support the goal.  This a new reporting pilot project.  Students will be dismissed at 12:05 on the 23rd and are expected to come to the interview with you.  Times are available in 15 minute slots from 12:30-7:00 pm as well as a few after school on Wed. Jan. 24.

Next week is also Unplug And Play week with a lot of fun events planned throughout the community.   Our school is having a bring a book take a book table outside the library.  Students are encouraged to donate gently used books and take 1 they like.  Any books leftover after the week will be used to Jam the GM.

Phew- hopefully that helps everyone be prepared!  Thanks again for your help with this busy time ahead.



Welcome Back!

Happy New Year and Welcome Back!

I will see your smiling children bright and early at 8:10 tomorrow morning.  I trust that you have had a nice time together as a family making memories together and will return rested and ready to learn.  I have missed them and can’t wait to hear of their adventures!

We are entering our heavy academic term.  It is during this term that the reading and writing expectations increase quickly and it is crucial that all students are reading and listen to reading nightly to keep up with the expectations.  Be sure that your child is eating and sleeping well to ensure that he/she is at optimal learning levels.

We will begin January with many outdoor learning opportunities including skiing, snowshoeing and skating.  The skate shop is open this week with Mr. Ritchie so if you child needs to borrow skates please send a note so that we fit them.  We will be skating Fri. Jan. 19 and Fri. Jan. 26.

Next week we will be heading to Larch Hills Cross Country Skiing Wed. Jan. 17 and Wed. Jan. 24.  Please send in the $16 to cover the 2 ski trips and the snowshoe trip- I have 5 paid already thank you.  I appreciate the parents that have volunteered to drive, make cocoa and transport the skis.   I know that it involves giving us most of your day and really appreciate your generosity.  We have music until 9:05 so will be leaving around 9:15.  I have arranged ski hosts so the children will be divided into 2 groups for the skiing portion.  We will have lunch following skiing and then play some games in the animal forest.  There is a school Pirate Loppet on Fri. Feb. 2  for those that enjoy skiing .  More information will be available for interested students.

We will receive the snowshoes Jan. 17 and will go to the waterfront  to snowshoe the waters edge and look for footprints on Mon. Jan. 22.  We hope to create stories based on the footprints we find.  Last year we were lucky enough to have a fresh snowfall and many footprints to spot.  Again, thank you for the parent drivers.  I will send home a reminder as to the drivers that we are anticipating.

We will be jumping  into adding and subtracting in Math.  We will be building our stamina with larger numbers when doing number operations by playing games, creating word problems and explaining our thinking.  Play card games  or make up stories with toys at home to practice adding and subtracting.  We w ill also continue with out counting, grouping, solving word problems and our Number Talks.

In Socials, we will continue our study on Canada and expand out learning to include cardinal direction, reading maps and some basis orienteering around our school.

In Reading, we will  practice what good readers do by increasing our reading stamina and time on text.  We will get back to our guided reading groups next week.  Remember to read with your child every night retelling the story after.  Book Day will remain Wednesdays so please return both school Home Reading books in the Ziploc as well as the Library books.

In Writing, we will begin to create our own stories using the beginning, middle and end having a problem and solution.  We will model it together first and then begin our own stories.  We will also share some things from our holiday and write to our Pen Pals at Ranchero.

We will do our Literacy Stations this week and practice a few new ones as well.  We will focus on 6 new word wall words each week and practice them altogether as well as extra practice during Literacy Centres.

Please remember to send back the Report Card Envelope and the signed sheet inside.  We will be meeting January 23 to discuss your child’s goal and how each of us can support the goal.  There will be more information as to meeting times, etc.

A gentle reminder to bring these items back: indoor shoes, Agenda book signed, empty white folder, a water bottle, a small container of veggie sto eat, a healthy lunch, and weather appropriate clothing including a hat, mitts, and boots as well as jacket and snowpants.

Thanks for your continued support in creating a positive learning environment between home and school.  I look forward to working with you this term!


Here we are at the last week of school!

Well we have only 5 days of school left before our winter break!

Formal Report Cards will go home this week, likely closer to the end of the week as I do not have them back and then have to prepare them into envelopes.  We are using a new reporting format this year as well as a new structure so in January I will have a parent teacher meeting with each of you on Jan. 23 to discuss your child and his/her goals for the term.  A schedule will be available to sign up in the new year.  When you receive the report please read it yourself, look at areas of success or growth and then areas to work on.  I am very proud of how the children are doing, yet, I find sometimes having to put in in little boxes can be disheartening to some kids.  Especially those trying so hard and still below grade level.  Please help them focus on success and growth knowing that they are making progress and to keep trying it is paying off.  I believe they are all trying hard and need to celebrate that!  Keep the report card and just return the signed page in the envelope please.

Tomorrow (Monday) we will be making decorated trees with our little buddies.  Please send a small bag of cereal or candies to decorate an ice cream cone tree.  We will provide the cones, plates and icing.  Thanks for helping make it a success.

Wednesday Mr. Harrison will be doing the Cracker Olympics with the primary students in the Gym.  Dress in active clothing as many of the activities are relays.  Thanks Mr. Harrison this will be so fun and a great memory with you!

Thursday the Christmas Party Committee has decided to do a little class party.  They will make snowflakes and a few other crafts, have music and dance.  If you are interested in sending a small snack let me know and I can sign your name up on the list.  We are not doing a gift exchange or secret santa to keep things a bit simpler.  If you are interested in an act of generosity there are tags on the tree at the mall, you can choose 1 and get a gift for that person which will be handed out through the Family Resource Centre.

Friday around 11:15  there will be carol singing in the Gym.  All classes are invited to enjoy singing together.    We will also have a short book exchange Friday with our library as Ms. Reed is at her other school doing a book fair during our regular time Wednesday.

I wish each of you a happy holiday enjoying your amazing children and making memories together.  I will miss each of them and their sparkly little ways.  Enjoy reading, playing card games and word challenges over the holiday.  I look forward to hearing about your adventure in January when we return on January 8th.  Thank you for supporting our learning thus far and for helping create a safe and meaningful learning adventure in Grade 2.   Happy New Year as well this 2018!


Hey all!

Just a few reminders;

We are on a walking trip tomorrow to the Art Gallery.  Please dress warm and bring a pocket snack as we will be outside for an hour then in the Art Gallery an hour before bussing back to school.

Book Day is Wednesday- return all books including class and library books.

There is a Hot Lunch Form out right now I believe it us due Thursday.

There are many forms out- Skating, Skiing, the Art Gallery and the Goal Sheet.  Please be sure you have returned all of them.

We have Buddies this week and will be doing some crafts together.  I hope that we can also make smoothies later in the week as I have a cooking kit from the Resource Centre.  We may make parfaits next week as well I’ll keep you posted.

Take care, stay warm and keep on reading everyone!



Nov. 27 – Dec. 1 Update

Hello everyone!  I will be back at school tomorrow and have missed everyone the past few days but I am feeling much better.

There is a goal setting page that will come home tomorrow.  Please return it ASAP as we have to have a goal on the report card.  It’s easiest if you take the Interim and chat with your child to come up with 1 specific thing to work on like: I will read for 15 minutes each night, or I will arrive before the bell each day, or I will build random numbers to 100 with objects at home.

This week we will be doing our final prep for the concert as we perform next Thursday for an afternoon and evening.    All students are expected to come to both shows.  If you cannot attend please let us know ahead of time. Here’s just a reminder that they are supposed to look like they are from Norway and just need a simple winter  hat and mitts.    Please do not have large pom poms or hats that stand up as it may obstruct others views.

We are working on learning about the vast country of Canada, the different landscapes, and  we are creating Ted Harrison paintings as well.  This week we will also discuss our government as a democracy and Wednesday they will research some information about our leader Justin Trudeau.  We have a cultural performance Tuesday based on Canada’s 150 celebration which will tie in nicely.

In Math, we continue to be working on numbers to 100.  You can help at home by sequencing numbers like 43, 12 and 79.  Flipping cards from 1-9 over to create 2 digit numbers, and playing cards games.

In Writing, we have been focussing on personal narrative stories about our special places.  We are trying to include lots of details using our senses to keep the readers interest.  Ask your child where his/her special place is and why.

In Reading, I will be reassessing students to see if they are meeting the benchmark levels for Grade 2 in November.  The expectations are markedly higher than Grade 1 and nightly reading is essential to hit those marks.  We have just learned that we will be getting some extra literacy support for Grade 2’s so I will refer any of my beginning readers to that for extra practice.  Keep reading!

In the new year I hope to take my class on 2 cross country ski outings to Larch Hills and 1 snowshoe outing to the Salmon Arm wharf.  Keep your eyes out for the survey so I can see if it’s feasible for drivers with criminal record checks and gear.

For your information we will also be skating in January as a part of our Gym class.  We will be taking a bus to and from the rink.  All students will need skates, a helmet, mitts and snow pants. There are often skates that can be borrowed but it may also be a good gift idea for some students. Parents can only skate if they have their coaching certification.

In December, a new report card format will be going home.  It is a pilot for our whole school and will include an overview of things covered as well as a set of subjects that have a rating scale.  The descriptors are different but they are explained on the last page.  On January 23,  we will all meet briefly to discuss the students goal for the term.

Book Day continues to be every Wednesday- I must say we have had fantastic success with this.  I will be writing report cards this Wednesday so the TOC will be helping the students choose books.  Please return any extra books you have collected at home as a few of our bins are running a bit low.

Here’s wishing you a healthy month or so as we head towards holiday time.  Rest up, eat well and think positive!

This past week

We have had a small change in class.  Parker has moved and we have a new student named Brooklynn.  This is our third Brooklynn.  We welcome her and her family from Salmon Arm West!

In Science, we have been working hard on finishing our Animal Life Cycle Folders.  We have sorted animals into groups, learned about 4 animal life cycles and wrote animal facts about an animal of our choice.  We wrote a rough copy and then had help editing the words for a good copy.  Ask your child what he/she chose to write about.  They all seem very proud of their writing and our first non- fiction writing piece.

In Math, we are working on numbers to 100- writing them, ordering them, identifying numbers that are 10 more, 10 less, 1 more and 1 less.    You can practice at home with cards as well.  We are also working on counting items, grouping items, and doing number talks.  A number talk is where we take a number and find as many ways as we can to get that number using the operations in any order.  For example, 12 could be 10+2, 27- 15, or 4+9-1.  Keep your brain warm to find as many as you can.  Today we played Math Games in ABCya.com which is a free game site.  There are some great ordering games, some fact games and making ten.  If you try it choose Grade 2 and scroll down to the math game.

In Socials, we are just starting to learn about Canada.  Today we heard a song called the Provinces of Canada.  We decorated a Canada folder and identified symbols of Canada like our flag, the beaver, caribou, maple leaf, and hockey.  We will be learning lots of things about Canada.  If you have any extra books or information send it in!

In our Word Work, we have been focussing on sight words.  We have been playing Wordo using our sight words and today we used the words to write sentences.  We will return to our Words Their Way programs next week.

We did a lesson outside with Molly our Wild School helping teacher.  We heard a story with puppets and then searched for signs of animals in the forest.  Some kids were a bit cold- please send a hat and mitts everyday in the backpack.

Interim Reports went home last week.    If you have any questions please contact me.    The students are working hard and I’ve noticed a much more focussed group this week.  I just learned that our school is getting more literacy support and we will be able to target some Grade 2’s.  Yeah!

Concert costumes are simple- yay!  We need to look like Norwegian people in winter so basically wear regular clothes with a hat (toque style) and mitts. Please do not make the hat tall or obstructing others view.  Our concert is over three days this year see the school newsletter for dates.

Hot lunch Forms were due today.  Poinsettia orders are due tomorrow.

Have a great weekend and remember to read everyday!  You will have the best success reading 10 minutes a day with books that are at your child’s level… be positive, encourage using the picture, the first sound, the meaning and chunking the word into parts!  When in doubt do a picture walk to look at the pictures, read it to your child, then let him/her read it.  Scaffold, support and sit back to see the amazing results.  You can do it!

Wow awesome work today!

Awesome work today on the walking field trip!   A special thank you to Kristy, Sarah, Breanna, and Ebony for walking with us to the Art Gallery.  The students arrived mainly prepared ( I had to hand out 1 pr. of mittens,  4 neck warmers, 2 toques and 1 pr of snow pants from my stash.)  We saw some beautiful artwork at the gallery and I enjoyed viewing the variety of items presented from carvings, photographs and painting to an interesting 3-d story set  using the Ipad.  At the end we coloured a salmon and then walked to Fletcher Park.  I changed our destination from the wharf as it was cold and I was worried about the cold wind near the water. after already walking for a half hour.  We played at the park and had our snack as we would at recess.  After playing we returned to the Art Gallery to catch the bus.  We focussed on crossing streets safely and looking both ways before crossing- always look yourself  and don’t stand on the edge of the curb  was my message. It was nice to be outside in the fresh air and learning at the Gallery.   Students took home a brochure about family art Saturdays which are free at the art gallery and often very fun to create art together.   Thanks for supporting outdoor leaning!

Tomorrow is Book Day Wednesday- please return all books.

It is also our Remembrance Day Assembly at 10:45, it is serious and needs to be respected without any clapping or talking.

A Book Order went home yesterday and the other one has not arrived yet. I did that to ensure all orders were receive before the Christmas break.  Ordering is optional, however, I use any bonus points I receive  to buy classroom books and students books.  Thanks for your orders, they are due by Nov. 15. and can be paid for by cheque or online.

A Short Week Ahead

Remember to change your clock back 1 hour today!

This week we have only 3 days of school, however, they have a few events within them.  Please send in any newspapers you have that we can use for projects and painting as well as clean yogurt containers for water.  Thanks.

Monday we will have a regular day with Buddies, Reading, Writing, Math, Music a new song and a new student of the week- Shaelyn.

Tuesday we will be walking to the Art Gallery to see the exhibit Kanata.  It is a showing of Indigenous Art from Canada.  We will also do a small art project.  Following our Art Gallery experience we will go for a walk to the waterfront and then return to take the bus back to Hillcrest.  Please  dress for the weather with: a warm winter jacket, hat, mitts, winter boots, socks, and layers of clothing as well as a small pocket snack to eat on the walk to the waterfront.  As they say- there is no bad weather just bad clothing choices!  To optimize our learning please be warm and comfortable for the walk.

Wednesday is book day as usual.  Return all books please!   We will also be having our school assembly to recognize Remembrance Day.  It is at 10:45 if you’d like to join us for that.  It is our most serious assembly of the year and all students receive a poppy sticker from the Legion.  Donations are also accepted for the poppies.  This week  our focus is on Peace and our song is about Peace.  Ask you child how he/she can make your home peaceful?

Thursday is a Pro D day and I am super excited that we are  hosting Janice Novakowski from the Richmond District here at Hillcrest.  We will be investigating some new math with the Reggio approach which included hands on nature materials.

Friday is a school closure day as there is an extra day off during the spring break due to the way Easter falls.

Monday is a day off for the Remembrance Day falling on a weekend.

I will see you next Tuesday, November 14.

Halloween and upcoming Trip to Art Gallery

This Tuesday will be Halloween at Hillcrest.  We will be having a school wide dress up parade with the Monster Mash as a school wandering the halls to view costumes, entering the gym to sort our costumes and play a video as well as a game. Costumes are welcome but not necessary- you can attend in regular clothes if you so choose.   After recess Ms. Corbett’s, Ms. Morrison’s and our class will do some active Halloween Stations outside.  We could use 2 or 3 extra parents to help run the stations. Please email if you can help from 10:10- 11:50.  Be sure your costume is something you can run in and will be warm outside or something you can put your jacket over.  If you want to send some sharing food please send healthy things like vegetables, fruit or cheese and crackers.

Following Halloween please do not send any more than 1 piece of candy per day.  It creates friendship issues and does not help with our healthy eating efforts.  Thanks for understanding. For those interested in another option-  Dr. Broadwelll’s Orthodontic office will pay you $5 a pound for any extra candy you have following Halloween and you get to enter for a $250 GC for Rhymes with Purple, the new toy store downtown.

Wednesday is our usual book trade day.  Keep bringing those books back so you have new library books and home reading books.  You should have completed 2 treasure chest pages now and I have sent the third one home this week.  Remember to read good fit books everyday!  You can do it.

We have organized a field trip walking to  the Salmon Arm Art Gallery to see the exhibit Kanata next Tuesday, November 7 from 8:30-11 am.  It is a show on Indigenous Art from Canada, we will then follow it with an art project.  After visiting the Art Gallery we will do a downtown walkabout then return to school on a bus.  As we are walking at 8:30 please dress is warm layers complete with a hart and mitts.  Parents are welcome to come with us, indicate your interest on the permission slip that is going home this week.

Interim Reports will go home next week based on work habits.